We make bunkering secure and efficient for your fleet

Who is Sea Guardian Marine?

We are a team of passionate and dynamic specialists offering comprehensive and integrated services for bunkering and lubricant solutions.

We also provide cargo brokering services for both mature and emerging markets, and serves as a liaison for ship sales and purchase.

Our Values Define Us

  • Commitment

    Our commitment to our customers and employees is the cornerstone of our success. We believe that by dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to our customers, employees, and the pursuit of excellence, we foster long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.

  • Passion

    Our passion is a driving force behind our evolution, fueling our dedication to innovation and excellence. We passionately strive to inspire enthusiasm and zeal in both our team members and clients, creating an environment that fosters efficiency and innovation.

  • Respect

    Respect serves as a fundamental value that guides our interactions and decision-making. We treat each collaboration with dignity and consideration, combining our expertise and knowledge with our clients’ needs and objectives to create ideal outcomes for all parties.

  • Collaboration

    We highly value collaboration as a catalyst for innovation and progress. Sea Guardian Marine fosters a culture of open communication and teamwork, recognizing that diverse perspectives and shared expertise lead to exceptional outcomes and lasting success.

Sea Guardian Marine: Your Trusted Partner for Global Bunkering.

When it comes to maritime transport, fuel sourcing is one of the most significant factors in keeping all ships, and consequently a wide breadth of industries, afloat. With tight schedules and profit margins always at the forefront of concern, efficiently meeting the need for reliable and efficient fuel solutions is essential. That’s where Sea Guardian Marine steps in.

  • Bunkering


    Sea Guardian Marine prides itself on sourcing and reselling marine fuels and lubricants worldwide. With an extensive supply network, we source from China, Singapore, the Middle East, Kuwait, Dubai, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia and other bunkering hubs and niche markets, ensuring the Sea Guardian Marine can make the right decision from a variety of solutions.

  • Cargo Brokering

    Cargo Brokering

    Sea Guardian Marine offers cargo brokering services for petroleum products such as naphtha, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel EN590, asphalt, and sulfur. Our services include identifying market opportunities, connecting buyers with sellers and facilitating secure deals.

  • Ship Sale & Purchase

    Ship Sale & Purchase

    Our main focus is to facilitate the buying and selling of used ships in markets where there is high demand, such as the Middle East. We also offer consultancy and support on areas such as vessel classification, repairs, and official procedures / formalities.


Sea Guardian Marine is Committed to Exploring Clean Energy Options for a Greener Future.

Being a part of the maritime industry, we understand the impact of our operations on the environment, and are actively seeking ways to improve it. We believe that the future holds promising, viable alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, and are consistently exploring ways to commit to greener options. Through continued research, we aim to move toward the usage of green and renewable energy in the maritime industry.

  • Worldwide Coverage

    Worldwide Coverage

    We are a global company, so you can count on us no matter where your route or customers are located.

  • Expert Team

    Expert Team

    You can rely on our team of experts to guide you through every challenge, from fueling to brokering the right sale.

  • Key Partnerships

    Key Partnerships

    Helping our clients by developing trust, stability, and longevity through key partnerships throughout the globe.